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2102D, 21/F, Nan Fung Centre
264-298 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T.

+852 23313096

Galilee Employment Service Company 

Galilee is an employment service company. Located in Hong Kong, hiring Indonesian and Filipino for Hong Kong employers,  both break contract and finished contract helpers are available for hiring.

Our Vision And Mission

Galilee staff team are all Christians

Our Vision And Mission

Galilee Employment Service Company was founded by Christians in July, 2012, providing hiring services for Filipino and Indonesian domestic helpers. Thanks to God, we experienced the grace of God throughout the course of our foundation. God gathered several of our separated old colleagues and gave us the vision and mission of serving foreign domestic helpers and to serve people of all nationalities with the spirit of gospel. We also hope with the guidance from God, Galilee could transform the employment service industry, eliminating exploitation of domestic helpers, bringing blessing to employers, introducing gospels to families and transforming relationship. We also hope our industry will be shined upon again by the light of God and they will treat our boarders well.


In May 2012 after accepting this vision, we worshiped and prayed continually to confirm the call of God and the future direction of our service and started our preparation. In the arrangement of venue and preparation of various materials, we experienced the plentiful supply of God, demonstrating His lead. At the same time, we received the full supports from our four pastors, agreeing to serve as our consulting pastors. They are namely: Filipino Pastor, Rev. Valeriana B. Ilingan (Trinity Full Gospel Church International) 、Indonesian Pastor, Pastor Selamet (Febe Indonesian Fellowship)、Founder of Sameul School, Celia Lun Wai Fan and Alan Yung couple and founder of Paulus Cultural Center, Ms. K.F. Yiu.

It is by God’s grace that we are able to provide our service to the public today. We resolve to be the salt and light of the industry and reveal the love and blessing of God. 

Our Covenant with God

On June 20th, 2012, the day when we secured our location for Galilee Employment Service Company (the initial address was Room 259, Lak Sang Building), we gathered and prayed at Rebecca’s home. After we prayed, we saw a rainbow outside of the window. The appearance of the rainbow was momentary. When we realize that we have to record it down with a camera, it was nearly gone. Yet there was still traces that can be recognized (rising up on the left hand side of the pillar of the Ching Ma Bridge). Yet this is the covenant that God made with us, for the sake of glorifying and loving Him. Praise the Lord!

Our Testimony from God

In June 2012 when Galilee was still not open, we met a maid in Mei Foo whom we knew from the past company we worked for. She was working hard on a cross-stitch that we did not know what it was about. She said she will give it to us as a gift when she finishes stitching it. Then she showed us the completion figure of the cross-stitch.

Our reaction then was thankful to God besides surprises. It was because at that time Galilee was not open yet and she had no knowledge about our plan. But God gave us His approval through her hands. The scene of the cross-stitch is about Jesus calming the storm at Sea Galilee which match the name of our company perfectly. Hallelujah, thank God for His present that we treasure so much. When the cross-stitch was finally completed in October 2012, we were able to share this beautiful testimonial from our Lord. Thank God, Hallelujah, all praise to our Lord! This cross-stitch is now being displayed on the wall of our office and has also become the photo on our home page of our company website.

Our Supply from God

The supply from God exceeds abundantly above all that we ask or think. I find it necessary to manifest it and give glory to God!!!

The furniture of Galilee has nearly all been acquired for free. They are furniture that are not required by our friend’s company, ready for disposal and are 80% new. God prepared it in perfect timing – at the right moment when somebody doesn’t need them and we need them tremendously. We really thank the grace of God! Praise the Lord!

If you think the supply of furniture is wonderful, wait till you learn about their measurement. The socket on the wall as shown in the picture had been pre-installed before we moved in. The measurement of the cabinet was not an even number which is slightly less than 5 feet (Normally the measurement of furniture should be an exact figure). But this makes it perfectly fit into the space available, not possible if it is 1 cm more.

This cabinet became our greatest revelation. i.e. God is the organizer of all our work. Only God can provide a cabinet with size that is just fit. Praise the Lord! Glory to Lord! Hallelujah!

But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

 Mat 6:33