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2102D, 21/F, Nan Fung Centre
264-298 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T.

+852 23313096

Galilee Employment Service Company 

Galilee is an employment service company. Located in Hong Kong, hiring Indonesian and Filipino for Hong Kong employers,  both break contract and finished contract helpers are available for hiring.

How to apply

Points to Note on Helper Application

Document Needed for Visa Application

According to requirement of Hong Kong Immigration Department, the following document is needed for visa application:

1) Hong Kong Identity Card of Employer.

2) Evidence showing that the employer is financially capable of employing a Helper

after his/her household expenditure has been deducted. Examples of such

evidence are:

(i) Latest notice of assessment and demand for tax issued by the Inland Revenue Dept; or

(ii) Bank passbook/statement showing auto-payment of the monthly salary for

the last 3 months; or

(iii) Salary statements/slips issued by the employer’s company for the last 3 months; or

(iv) Evidence showing that the employer is in control of substantial assets such as

recent properties tax assessment, fixed deposits/bank savings statements for

the last 6 months (with an aggregated amount of no less than HK$350,000), etc.

3) Proof of the employer’s residential address as reported in the standard Employment

Contract (ID 407), that is the latest demand for rates note or water/telephone/

electricity etc. utility bills within the last 3 months.

4) Name of domestic helper being replaced with Hong Kong ID card numbers(if any), termination date and termination letter. (not applicable for employer hiring domestic helper for the first time) 

5) Name(s) of household living together with the employer at the hiring address, with year of birth, HK ID card numbers and relationship with the employer.

6) The floor area and number of rooms at the address of the contract, lodging arrangement for the domestic helper(please state whether individual room or room sharing is provided), other job requirement (e.g. car cleaning, pet caring etc., please specify)

7) If the document is not under the name of the employer, please produce proof of relationship between the document holder and the employer, e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate etc.

8) Employer's profession.


Gentle Reminder:

Hong Kong Immigration Department process an enormous amount of application on a daily basis. To faclitate your application, please try to comply exactly with the documentation requirement of the Department so that  it may proceed smoothly.